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This is an official online store where you can buy original artworks on paper by Anna Tsvell.
Free worldwide shipping from Moscow , Russia. 

MORE original artworks on paper by Anna Tsvell at her Website : visit PAPER/CARDBOARD tab, click on photo to see the details . To inquire the price and more photos , shipping details, other info and to purchase the artwork please contact Anna at anna.tsvell@gmail.com .

You can also purchase paintings on canvas . Please check up available artworks HERE and email at anna.tsvell@gmail.com  to request the price, shipping info ,other details and to purchase the canvas .

Anna Tsvell is a self taught surreal portraiture artist currently based in Moscow, Russia .She works with acrylic, oil and oil pastels on canvas , also her favorite mediums are watercolors and ink on paper . 

Anna’s surreal portraits are full of bohemian melancholy mood . Anna paints women of almost alien appearance which makes her portraits extremely recognizable and attractive for the art collectors all over the world. 

Long curved necks ,chaotically combined parts of the face and body (since summer 2018),  completely blue thoughtful eyes and patterned surreal backgrounds with lots of details (elements of pointillism and  brilliant linework) are the main distinctive features of Anna’s remarkable style .

Paintings by Anna Tsvell  are in private collections of musicians , film directors , photographers, art collectors and art lovers all over the world , you can view the collector’s pick here .

Anna’s art was exhibited in different art galleries in US ( Los Angeles basically where Anna lived and worked for about 6 months ) and Europe .

Anna’s art was officially supported by Depeche Mode .
Also Anna's artworks were marked by publication at the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine ( March 2018 , 020 issue) .

Selected clients :
The Fashionable Lampoon  : portraits for The Dot Circle 2017 project , line art illustrations for "Saint/Surrea"l article including Dior pre fall 2018 photoset ( April 2018 issue ).

The Fashionable Lampoon Cover ( September 2017 issue )

Tiffany & Co ( Tiffany City HardWear collection  )
Face Factory Paris
Try Merry ( Anna’s illustrations as a part of the collective print  “We Are The People” )

and others.

For all requests and questions feel free to email Anna at anna.tsvell@gmail.com .